Amnesty International Calls For Release Of Egypt Activist

About 30,000 people have signed a petition to get an Egyptian woman who complained online about sexual harassment released from pre-trial detention.

Amal Fathy is due to appear before the Maadi Misdemeanours Court in Cairo on Saturday - but campaign group Amnesty International says it is unclear what charges Ms Fathy faces and is calling for her release.

Amnesty's North Africa Campaigns Director Najia Bounaim says:
“It is a shocking case of injustice. She is a human rights defender who told her truth to the world and wanted to highlight the vital issue of women’s safety in Egypt. She is not a criminal."

In the video Ms Fathy uploaded earlier this year she criticised the Egyptian government for not doing enough to protect women and for providing what she says are poor public services.


  1. The story should be thoroughly checked because it's almost impossible to cry out for help over harassment without actually going through it. Her safety should come first and not a court charge.

  2. Why who they detained she is not a criminal for God sake, she have the right to express her opinion and is saying the fact, I pray to God bring her back alive


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