An Iron man Bounces Back After Nearly Losing His Legs

Being an Ironman is one of sport's toughest challenges - requiring monster swims and bike rides and a marathon run - so just imagine wanting to do one after nearly losing your legs in a horrific chainsaw attack.

In March, Mhlengi Gwala was ambushed on an early morning training run in his native South Africa by three men who dragged him into bushes at gunpoint and tried to saw off his legs.

Remarkably, not only did the 27-year-old survive with both legs intact, he returned to running just four months later - with an iron will and an unbreakable spirit.

Gwala told BBC Sport Africa:
"I will do it soon, maybe after three or four years. As soon as I have fully recovered I will do it. I won't sit in a house and lock myself in the doors because of them. I have to come out and do what I love."


  1. That guy is special and God have something for him, is not easy to cut someone legs and he still back running thank God for his life

  2. Akibu MotunrayoSeptember 14, 2018

    You know what they say about life being a choice and you having the ability to choose what you would make of it.That guy could possibly stay at home, cut of all human interactions and die in depression but he choosed to make the best out of it.I really hope when we go through tough times, we remember we have the ability to choose what we could make out of it ( positively or negatively) and not blame others for our troubles, that way we can really be happy.

    1. Now that's a right depiction of the black person.. We have tenacity 😎.


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