Kemi Adeosun Resigns From Being Minister Of Finance. Over Fake NYSC Certificate

Minister of finance Kemi Adeosun has resigned from her position.

Kemi Adeosun

The paper reports that sources close to the minister said she stepped down 6 following the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) certificate scandal.

“The minister felt that her position is becoming untenable and is hurting the President in the run up to the 2019 election”.

Adeosun was reported to have obtained a fake NYSC certificate and did not participate in the compulsory service


  1. Hey yah she resign that means what they are saying is true

  2. Akibu MotunrayoSeptember 14, 2018

    Fake certificate or not, Did she do a great job as a finance minister?If yes, then I don't have a problem with her faking a certificate.All these people that did not fake their certificates or went to the best schools still end up messing up, so there.

  3. Kemi Adeosun is like one of the best things that has happened in Nigeria government in a long time. I'm starting to lose hope now when the right people are running away. Though what she did was wrong and I'm sure she thought it didn't matter until now.
    But, there's a way to solve this quirk without stepping down. She can make up for it now by serving, she is still liable to correct it since she graduated at the age of 22.
    Please don't go Kami Adeosun!!😭😭


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